5 Interesting Places to Off-Road in the Summer

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Many people enjoy the summer for the opportunities it brings to go outside in warm weather. There are many places to see and sites to visit, especially in the great outdoors where you can immerse yourself in nature. Through off-roading, you will experience some of the best places for straying away from the trail.

Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, California

The hills of this area are home to many trails and paths that will have room for bikes and trucks. There are numerous peaks and slopes that you will see for miles, filled with sand and thousands of bushes. This place is great for enjoying summertime off-roading in the sun, especially if you bring your ATV or dirt bike. The trails that lead up and down will make for a great ride and give you places to rest and enjoy the view of the landscape.

The Mounds Off-Road Vehicle Park, Michigan

The Mounds in Michigan is a great place to visit in the summer for some off-roading. Most of Michigan has colder temperatures throughout the year. But in the summer, this area has a mixture of forest and mud that works well for the large truck enthusiast who needs a spot to cool their vehicle. There are multiple types of terrain, including rocky slopes, wetlands, and twisting forests, so you’ll want to prepare your vehicle for anything.

The Smokey Mountain Road, Utah

The Smokey Mountains are a natural monument of the US and have many roads to tread upon while enjoying a great view. During the summer, the trees are full in certain areas. Plus, you have the choice to enjoy the view of the valleys and hills from up high or get a closer look by combing along one of the off-road trails. There are also places with a more wide-open landscape with more dirt and shrubs, leaving much to explore and making this one of the best overlanding routes in North America.

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

South Dakota has numerous places with natural sites, and the Black Hills are one of the most prominent. The Black Hills National Forest is home to acres upon acres of forested area with sprinklings of streams and open fields for you and your vehicle to cross. In the summertime, the temperature is at a warmth that isn’t too hot or muggy, and plenty of trees provide shade.

ATV Paiute Trail, Utah

ATVs are a fun way to get around, especially when off-roading during the summer. This ATV trail in Utah has wide-open trails for trucks, but most of the trails are for ATVs. The ATV Paiute Trail is a multitude of old roads and side trails connected to form a large loop around the area, and its vast size makes for a great time exploring in the fresh summer air on a nice four-wheel vehicle.

There are numerous places to see and visit during the summer. But if you want to experience the parts of nature that are an offshoot from the normal road, these places will offer you a great sight to behold.

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Written by Henry Johnson

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

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