A Guide to Proper Gun Storage

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Did you know that 32% of adults in the United States own a gun while 44% of survey respondents say at least one person in their households owns a gun?

Whether you own a gun for sport, for protection, or for the mere enjoyment of collecting them, an important part of responsible gun ownership is storage.

There are many examples of tragedies that would have been prevented had the gun owners been mindful about properly storing their weapons. The good news is that there are lots of options for storing guns, ammo, and magazines.

Read on for a look at weapon storage options you need to know about.

Consider a Gun Car Mount for Weapon Storage

When you need to store weapons, one option is a magnetic gun car mount. In the event you ever need quick access to your gun, you’ll want something like a gun car mount that you can install under the dashboard in your car.

In an emergency situation, the last thing you’ll want is to have to fumble around for the keys to open whatever receptacle your weapon is in. The gun car mount has a magnetic surface that the gun affixes itself to.

Gun Hangers

Do you have multiple handguns? If so, you’ll want to find storage options that can accommodate more than one weapon.

Handgun hangers are worth considering. These storage options will allow you to hang your weapons by the muzzle so that you can free up space. You’ll be able to store more within your safe while keeping things organized.

Ammo Boxes

You’ll want to keep your ammunition in good condition — and it doesn’t hurt to store your guns and your ammunition in different locations for added safety. So it’s worth considering ammo boxes.

Ammo boxes are designed to be air-tight, which will provide protection from the elements should you ever go on a hunting trip in the great outdoors. You’ll also find them useful if you need to store your ammo for the long term.

Otherwise, the firing quality of your ammunition could be compromised.

Vertical Storage Units

As part of your weapon safety plan, you can also get storage units that will allow you to store your guns vertically.

There are two distinct reasons to consider going this route. Firstly, stacking your larger guns vertically will give you more floor space to work with. Secondly, going this route will make it easier to sort different handguns.

Magazine Pouch

Getting a magazine pouch is also a good idea. One of the more important weapon storage tips is to keep different things — guns, ammunition, and magazines — separate. And magazine pouches are relatively inexpensive.

Gun Safes

If you’re looking for the most secure gun storage option, then you ought to consider gun safes that can prevent thieves from stealing your firearms.

A gun safe is manufactured from heavy-gauge steel and features robust locking mechanisms. For added security, you can bolt a gun safe to a concrete slab. 

Gun Safety Is Your Responsibility

Remember that gun safety is your responsibility. So following the aforementioned safety tips will help you to be a responsible gun owner.

Whether you choose one or more of these weapon storage options or you opt for something else, you’ll want to take steps to prevent avoidable problems.

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