Bright Tips for Lighting Your Campsite Up

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There’s nothing like spending a night beneath the stars to connect with nature. However, nighttime can feel eerie and may even pose a safety risk. Camp lighting is an excellent way to maintain ambience while improving visibility.

Campfires provide decent light for your immediate surroundings but won’t cut it inside your tent or beyond your location. Don’t get lost without a backup plan—illuminate the night with these tips for lighting your campsite up.

Solar Lights

With camping, packing light is usually the best way to go; that means ditching unnecessary equipment, like chargers. Solar lights gather power during the day to give you a beautiful light source when you need it most.

Solar lanterns are the more popular light of choice. However, consider solar string lights for a magical atmosphere. You could hang solar fairy lights inside your tent or in trees around your campsite for a whimsical setup that looks like it came straight out of a movie.

Battery-Operated Lanterns

Of course, putting all your eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster. If you encounter bad weather or break your solar-powered options, you should have a backup plan. Pack a few battery-powered lanterns to light the way in a pinch.

Collapsible lanterns travel well without taking up too much space. You can set them up inside to make your roof top tent more comfortable, or line them around your campsite. Make sure to store your batteries in a dry bag to prevent moisture damage and degradation.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks aren’t just fun party favors; they also work well as emergency lighting. You can carry plenty of glow sticks in a very small space, and they don’t require batteries or charging equipment. While they might not completely illuminate your space, lighting your campsite up with a subtle glow is better than total darkness.

Post glow sticks in the ground to identify parking spaces, fire rings, and other important locations. You could also create pathways with glow sticks for easy navigation. If you want ambient lighting but don’t want to deal with string lights, glow sticks are the perfect tool.

Don’t forget to bring some hands-free options, like headlamps and book lights. With the right prep work and tools, you can tackle anything Mother Nature throws at you, no matter the time of day.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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