Camper’s Cooking Guide: Essential Gear for Your Next Cookout

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The best part of camping is the adventure. The second-best part of camping is the food! There’s nothing better than gathering around a warm fire with your friends and family and enjoying a tasty meal surrounded by the smells and sights of nature.

Most camping meals consist of hot dogs, kebabs, and s’mores—things you can cook up quick and easy on an open fire. But what if you want to have a more robust meal during your next camping trip? To help you whip up a feast during your next trip outdoors, here’s our camper’s cooking guide to essential gear for your next cookout.

A Cooking Source

Naturally, you need a cooking source! Out in the woods, this can be anything from a neatly arranged and kindled pile of sticks to a portable, professional-grade infrared grill. The classic bonfire is great for foods you can jam onto skewers, but a grill or oven might be more your jam if you want a classier meal. Just remember to bring fuel for the fire; literally. You’ll need propane, charcoal, or matches depending on your cooking method of choice.

A Prep Station

You’ll also need a prep station where you can prep your food. A small folding table and a cutting board should be suitable for the task.

Cooking Utensils

You can’t just toss your food directly in the flames and hope for the best. Well, you can, but it won’t go well. Some essential cooking tools for camping include frying pans, pots, and skewers. You’ll also need a can opener, knife, spatula, spoon, tongs, and a whisk. Finally, you’ll want a potholder and an apron to keep burns and spills to a minimum.

If you really want a fancy meal, you can even bring optional equipment like a portable tea and coffee maker, a hand crank mixer, or an ice cream machine.

Sounds like a hassle to pack and carry? You can get a camping cooking gear set with all the essentials and tuck it compactly in a bag for easy transport.


Unless you want to eat off the ground or with your hands, remember to pack tableware as well. Cleaning can be tough when you’re out in the wilderness, so it may be more convenient to bring disposable plates and utensils rather than reusable ones.

Tupperware is also a must for storing leftovers. You can carry these leftovers around during hiking so you have a snack. Or take them back home so you can munch on them on the couch and reminisce about your trip.

Cleaning Supplies

Once the party is over, you’ll need to tidy up your mess. For cleaning dirty cooking utensils, bring a camp sink, a water jug, soap, sponges, towels, and a drying rack. For trash like wrappers, empty containers, and paper plates, you’ll need trash bags.

That’s our list of essential gear for your next cookout. Pack the tools listed above and your food in your car, head to the campsite, and get cooking!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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