Considerations for Choosing an Outboard Motor for Your Boat

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The right outboard motor can breathe new life into your boat. Outboards allow for greater speed and maneuverability without weighing your vessel down.

So, what should you consider when you choose an outboard motor for your boat? Keep these factors in mind as you shop, and choose the model that best fits your boating style and unique needs.

Horsepower Limit

How much horsepower can your boat handle? Choose an outboard that will help you zoom across the water without interfering with the boat’s function. If your new outboard motor exceeds your craft’s horsepower limit, your boat could sink motor-first into the water.

Using an outboard with a lower horsepower than your boat’s maximum limit can help you glide through the water for relaxing outings. Just be sure you know that maximum before you shop for motors.

Shaft Size and Length

How much space do you have on your boat to mount your new outboard motor? Measure the height of the transom on your boat before you search for a new motor.

If the shaft on your new outboard motor is too long for your boat, you can face stability issues on the water and risk tipping or sinking. An inch won’t make too much difference, but it’s best to try for an exact match.

Gas vs. Electric

How do you want to power your vessel? The boating industry has seen an increased interest in electric power, and many boaters are going green by ditching gas fuel for battery power.

When comparing gas and electric outboards, both options have their upsides and downsides. Gas power allows for higher horsepower and more reliable speed, while electric power is quieter and easier to maintain.

When it’s time to replace the motor on your boat, consider these factors as you choose an outboard motor. The right outboard can enhance your boating experience, whether by providing higher speeds or reducing the need for maintenance. You know your boat better than anyone else, so choose an outboard motor that will fit properly and give you the experience you want.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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