Essential Accessories To Upgrade Your Van

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There are many ways you can travel the road this summer and go camping. While some people choose RVs or campers, others opt for a more accessible vehicle: the van. Using a few gadgets and gizmos, you can easily make yours a more comfortable ride. Whether taking a quick trip or committing to a nomadic lifestyle, these essential accessories to upgrade your van will help you have the adventure of a lifetime.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Safety should be your number one priority while traveling in your van. You probably already have emergency tools and a GPS tracker at your disposal but may have overlooked carbon monoxide detectors. These small, portable devices will alert you to toxic leaks that could be deadly. Carbon monoxide detectors are especially helpful at night. They enable you to sleep soundly and know that you’re safe.

Solar Panels

If you’re planning a long-term van getaway, being able to produce your own power is invaluable. Install solar panels on your vehicle’s roof to harness the sun’s energy. You can use this power to run your important devices, such as smartphones, speakers, and electric stoves! Solar panels are an excellent backup to have if your portable batteries fail out in the wilderness.

Audio Unit

While decking out your vehicle with the latest safety and efficiency gadgets, don’t forget about entertainment! Adding an audio unit is an essential accessory to upgrade your van, especially if it’s an older model. You’ll need an updated system to play your favorite playlist, podcasts, and audiobooks while exploring the road. State-of-the-art audio systems have touch screens and voice control for hands-free navigation. So you can enjoy your time behind the wheel until you arrive at your next outdoor destination.

Insect Screen

Many choose to use their vans for camping rather than traditional tents. If you want to stay healthy and comfortable while roughing it in the wilderness, be sure to install a van bug screen. These mesh contraptions keep the creepy crawlers out of your van and protect you from bug-borne illnesses. Now, you can enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your own vehicle without worrying about insects infiltrating your space.

Personalizing your van is key to having a comfy and memorable adventure. Use these devices when you hit the open road to customize your vehicle and make it work for you.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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