Everything You Need for a Cool Autumn Hike

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As another summer draws to a close, you’re probably wondering how you can extend your hiking hobby into the cooler seasons. We’ve got some ideas! Check out everything you’ll need for a cool autumn hike.

Base Layer

Avoid cotton. Cotton soaks up sweat, and sweaty fabric clinging to your skin in chilly climates can lead to hypothermia. Instead, consider Merino wool for your base layer. The lightweight, warm fabric is a great choice to stave off the cold.

Outer Layer

A breathable synthetic jacket is your best bet for autumn weather. They’ll be heavier than down versions and won’t pack as tightly, but synthetic jackets perform much better in wet weather and tend to be more breathable.


Running shoes might work well in the summer, but you’ll want some extra protection in the fall. The trails are wetter and covered with fallen leaves, so step up your footwear to a lightweight hiking shoe or supportive hiking boots. Depending on the climate, decide between waterproof and non-waterproof footwear.


Your head protection doesn’t need to be more intense than a beanie in the fall, but it’s definitely a good thing to bring along. Because heat escapes from your head, having the option of a warm hat can save you from an unpleasant chill in the cooler weather.


If you’re planning to head to any of the many great Colorado hiking locations this autumn, it’s very possible you’ll see some snow. To combat the slippery terrain, pick up winter traction devices and a pair of gaiters for sure footing. Trekking poles are also never a bad idea, especially with fallen leaves to traverse.

With all these ideas for fall hiking gear, you’ll have no trouble fighting off the chills as you walk through the woods or summit a mountain. You know everything you need for a cool autumn hike, so get prepping and get trekking!

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Written by Henry Johnson


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