Fun Things To Do When Camping

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Summer is upon us, and you know what that means. It’s camping season. Camping is a thrilling outdoor activity suitable for everyone—kids, adults, seniors, and even pets. It’s a fantastic way to disconnect from our screens and reconnect with nature. It’s also a way to look back to our ancestral roots and learn how to survive in the wilderness.

Have something planned? You’re probably already daydreaming about what your trip will be like. But what if you have nothing planned? You’ll be out there for three days straight, and it’s not like you can just hike nonstop. Scrambling for things to do during your upcoming trip? Learn some fun things to do when camping.

Do Some Arts and Crafts

It’s a camping trip, not art class, but we’re not talking about finger painting or knitting a funny little hat. We’re talking about turning leftover camping supplies and foraged materials into mementos of your trip.

Have leftover soda, lemonade, or beer cans? Instead of tossing them in the trash, transform them into a makeshift compass. Find some colorful berries? Use them to paint a rock you found by the river. Came across a pile of pliable sticks? There’s no better time to practice your basket weaving skills. Find a lone pinecone? You can use one to make a collage or even plant it. Nature is full of art supplies, so you have plenty of options when it comes to making a natural masterpiece.

Cook a Delicious Meal

The next fun thing to do when camping is cook or bake a delicious meal. A camping trip is the perfect time to hone your cooking skills and try out new recipes. Whether you’re using a bonfire or a portable stovetop as your heat source of choice, you can whip up countless kinds of delectable delicacies—beans, bratwurst, chili, kebabs, ribs, you name it. For a fun twist and an extra oomph of flavor, consider marinating any meats you’re making in beer. (Just keep the boozy treats away from the kids).

Don’t forget about dessert, either. S’mores are a camping classic, but crafty bakers can bake cookies, donuts, and even tarts with traditional camping cooking utensils and a burning fire.

Get In the Water

Everyone knows that lakes and rivers are ideal for catching fish, but even though they might look murky and scary, they’re also great for swimming, canoeing, tubing, diving, snorkeling, and more! Don’t be afraid of the water. Embrace it!

But don’t be too hasty. It’s true that not all natural water sources are safe for swimming, so check online before you leave and make sure to heed “No Swimming” signs. But as long as everything looks clear, change into your swimming gear, slap on some sunscreen, and do a cannonball.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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