Great Autumn Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Spouse

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We may be waving to summer as it makes its way out, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to bundle up and stay inside all day. There are still plenty of things you can do outside, especially if you have someone special in your life. If you do, then you’ll want to check out our list of great autumn outdoor activities to do with your spouse.

Go Apple or Pumpkin Picking

Picking apples is always a good time in the fall. There are so many different kinds that you can try out, and if you pick enough, you can even try experimenting with some new recipes. Nothing quite beats an at-home date night with a brand-new meal and your favorite person in the world.

If it’s closer to Halloween, then you might want to get some pumpkins instead. Once you get the perfect ones, it’s time to take them home and decorate them. Let your imagination go wild, but more importantly, have fun with it. No matter how poorly they turn out, stick some lights in them and display them outside for the whole neighborhood to see.

Watch a Scary Movie Outside

Since we’re on the topic of Halloween, another great autumn outdoor activity to do with your spouse is to try watching a scary movie or two in the backyard. If you already have an outdoor TV, you’re all set. For those of you who don’t, it’s fairly easy to set up some extension cables and bring the TV and streaming device outside.

Anybody can watch these movies indoors but watching them in the open air can add to the fear factor of the films, bringing a new sense of fun to them. Plus, if you have kids, watching a scary movie outside will keep them from walking into the room and getting frightened by it.

Plan Out a Long Hike

Fall is perfect hiking weather. It’s not nearly as hot out, and a lot of the pesky bugs are either dead or have gone into hiding for the winter. You should take this opportunity to plan out a day-long hike that goes past a lake. Make sure to pack a lunch and some snacks since you’ll be out there for a while. A portable picnic blanket could be useful, too! Nothing is more romantic than a secluded picnic with no one around to interrupt.

Get the Kids Involved

Unfortunately, when you have kids, you can’t always find a babysitter. That doesn’t mean that you need to put your outdoor date on hold, though. There are plenty of activities that will get you and the kids outside. Our personal favorite is stargazing. Your smartphone’s marketplace has many apps that make finding constellations easier than ever. On top of that, it’s easy to steal a kiss in the dark while your kids look up at the sky. It’s a good time for the whole family.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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