How To Prepare Your Yard for an End-of-Summer BBQ

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Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean that it’s too late to throw one of your famous cookouts the whole neighborhood knows you for. There’s plenty of time left to get everyone gathered together one last time before the start of the new school year. So, grab your tongs and pull out the grill because we’re going to tell you how to prepare your yard for an end-of-summer BBQ.

Get Some New Seating

If you’re going to go all out for your final party, you might as well make it a big one. Invite family, friends, and your closest neighbors to your end-of-summer bash. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone—it’s the perfect time to buy patio furniture! Since stores are trying to get rid of some of their stock before the season ends, their prices will be lower than ever.

If you don’t think that’ll be quite enough, look into some rental services for tables and chairs. Most of these companies are busier early in the summer due to the number of grad parties held during that time, so you shouldn’t have an issue getting what you need right now.

Pull Out the Patio Lights

The end of summer means less sunlight throughout the day. If you plan on having your BBQ continue until the later hours of the night, you’re going to need plenty of lighting. If you have any outdoor lamps or strings of lights hidden away in storage, it’s time to pull them out and put them to good use. (If not, your local store will probably heavily discount them due to it being the end of summer.)

Be Prepared With Bug Deterrents

Unfortunately, the early sunset, delicious food, and bright lights will also attract a ton of bugs, so you’ll need to be prepared for that as well. Bug sprays and other detractors are great choices, but they’re not always the most effective. If you want to hold all the neighborhood insects at bay, treat your entire yard with lawn-safe bug repellent.

Check Your Yard for Last Minute Fixes

Sometimes you have a possible hazard or two out in your yard that you’d rather not have to worry about until next year—but if you’re going to fully prepare your yard for an end-of-summer BBQ, you need to make sure you clear any hazards out. Broken tree branches are a common problem to look out for; they could injure someone or anyone walking past where it snapped off could collide with the jagged edges.

It’s also good to check for messed-up fire hydrants or other city-based items that might be in your yard that could cause an injury. Manhole covers are a perfect example of something that needs to get fixed if something is wrong with it, so make sure you’re thorough in your search.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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