How To Prevent Rust on Your Boating Equipment

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You love your boat. You likely have a set of tools that help you keep it running optimally. However, being out on the water makes it more difficult to keep them in tip-top shape, as they are susceptible to rust. Replacing your tools costs money and interferes with your overall maintenance routine.Read on to learn how to prevent rust on your boating equipment.

What Causes Rust?

Rust happens because of a chemical reaction between water and iron. Unfortunately, saltwater accelerates this process. Rusting, also known as corrosion, happens slowly over time to anything made from iron, which is why you may notice it happening on the bottom of a car or an old iron gate. Steel is also susceptible to this chemical reaction.

Combating rust can feel like a losing battle. Even when your boating equipment isn’t wet, the moisture in the air allows the perfect conditions for rusting.

Clean Your Boating Equipment

Developing a care routine for your marine tools will deter rust from forming. Take the time to clean them after each use. One simple way is using a special wipe manufactured specifically for metals containing iron. These products contain chemicals that combat rusting and assist in removing other grime that may have accumulated during their use.

Use Rust Prevention Spray

Consider incorporating a rust prevention spray into your care routine as another safeguard. Applying products like Clenzoil both cleans your boating equipment and protects it from rust because it puts up a protective coating.

Just like your tools are susceptible to rust, so is your boat. This quick guide to proper boat maintenance will inform you if your care routine takes measures to prevent corrosion.

Make sure to store both your tools and boat when they’re clean as another preventative measure. Keep your smaller ones in a toolbox to reduce their exposure to moisture. Do your best to cover your boat when it’s not in use as an additional safeguard.

We hope these insights have helped you discover how to prevent rust on your boating equipment. A few simple steps in your care routine go a long way in battling corrosion.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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