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Pros and Cons of Lifting Your Truck

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There are pros and cons to every decision, including whether or not to lift your automobile. In most aspects, lifting your truck is a highly polarizing topic, as there are extreme benefits and extreme drawbacks. This article will clarify the pros and cons of lifting your truck and provide guidance for applications where lifting your truck is necessary.


Towing Capability

A lifted truck will almost always provide increased safety and weight advantage against a load. This is especially true with fifth wheel hitches, which already add weight to the back of the truck. In most cases, towing a heavy load with a stock suspension will cause the truck to squat. In some cases, it may even cause the back of the truck to scrape along the ground.

Off-Road Capability

With higher clearance comes a greater capacity to handle obstacles and off-roading. As a general rule, the higher a vehicle sits off the ground, the less likely it will be to get stuck. This is especially true when you are working through rocky terrain or driving through a ditch or ruts.



One of the biggest cons to lifting your truck is the cost. Raising your truck entails a lot of maintenance work, from changing out the tires to adding lift kit parts vital to the truck’s suspension. This, coupled with the mandatory swap out of the shocks for the suspension, can often lead to a hefty sum.

High Center of Gravity

When you lift a vehicle off the ground, its center of gravity shifts upward. In most cases, this can be quite dangerous. A high center of gravity could mean that a truck will flip over if it’s turned too fast, as the gravity will pull diagonally up on the chassis when making sharp turns. Raised vehicles often experience instability when moving at high speeds, as well.


A lot of manufacturers will not cover a car that has had a lift kit installed. This can be quite expensive for the driver if there is a problem with the truck in the future. Sadly, there is no getting around this, and it may just be a risk you have to take if you choose to lift your truck.

When Is It Necessary

There are only a few situations where lifting your truck is absolutely necessary—such as if you’re carrying heavy loads or planning on going on some serious off-roading excursions, for example. Even so, if you’re going for the cool factor of having a raised vehicle, go for it! There is nothing quite like customizing your car the way you’ve envisioned it!

Lifting your truck can be exciting and fun. It is, however, quite a big decision to make. Thinking about the pros and cons of lifting your truck is fully dependent on how you plan to use it. As long as you understand that, you will always be happy with your choice!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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