Reasons Why Owning a Tesla Is a Benefit

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In recent times, Tesla has marketed itself as a high-end eco-friendly car that’s claimed to fame is the technology housed within. Beyond this image, many people do not think about the numerous other benefits of owning a Tesla. From the sporty dual motor to the family-centered model Y, there are many different models that give us plenty of reasons why owning a Tesla is a benefit, but here are just a few that apply to all models!

No Gas, Ever

As Tesla’s are electric vehicles, this means that you are exempt from buying gas. In most areas, electricity is a lot cheaper than gas, meaning that your costs will go down overall after owning this vehicle.

Drive The Safest Car on the Road

Teslas are engineered with safety explicitly in mind. There has been numerous technological advancements with the Tesla’s, as they have incorporated technology such as lane assist. There is even technology that is designed to reduce damage to the car if an accident were to take place. Lastly, due to the battery banks in the floor of the car, they are almost never going to flip over.

Less Maintenance

Because it has fewer moving parts than a gas-powered vehicle (not to mention no engine), there are very low maintenance costs associated with owning a Tesla. Also, in the cases that you do need maintenance, you will have your very own low-wait repair center in Tesla, who will come take a look at your vehicle or take it away when it does need maintenance.


Because of the way that Tesla has been marketed as a green, cheaper (in the long run) alternative to gas-powered cars, there will always be a market for Tesla cars. This means that if your Tesla still functions, there will always be someone looking to buy it. This can take the stress out of such a large investment, as you will get a significant portion of your money back in the sale in most cases.

No matter your reason for buying a Tesla, you can be sure that you will not regret your purchase. While they are expensive, this cost is tiny for what you would pay for maintenance, gas, and other amenities that Teslas simply do not need! Simply put, owning a Tesla is a benefit to you and your wallet.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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