Simple Changes That Make Your Vehicle Run Better

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Any vehicle can become a lean, mean, and efficient machine with basic maintenance, careful driving, and periodic check-ups. You can make several tweaks, upgrades, and additions without breaking the bank if you want your car, truck, or other means of transportation to perform better. Here are a few simple changes that make your vehicle run better.

Treat Your Tires

We put our tires through a lot without even thinking about it. Our tires are the only part of the car in constant and direct contact with the road and face a tremendous amount of wear and tear in just a short time. Invest well in your choice of tires. High-performance tires deliver just what their name implies, and they last longer. Maintain proper tire air pressure—your tires’ psi is on its sides and in your owner’s manual. Check the treads every month or so for damage and look for sharp objects it might have picked up on the road. You must also clean the tires when you wash the car. Keeping them clean adds years to their life.

Add a Cold-Air Intake

Your engine works because of a chemical reaction between your fuel and the air it takes in. Scientifically speaking, cool air contains more oxygen than warm air. Cool air boosts your engine’s efficiency and power. Adding a cold-air intake to your vehicle is affordable if you have a mechanic install one. It’s not a terribly difficult installation, however, so you can save even more by doing it yourself.

Switch to Synthetics

Regular oil changes will keep your car running and happy for an extended time. The next time you bring the car in for maintenance, talk to the mechanic about choosing synthetic oil over conventional types. Synthetics provide better lubrication, resist high temperatures, work even better in wintertime, and reduce engine damage wrought by cheaper motor oils. They cost a bit more, but you’ll recoup that money by spending less on repairs or a new car.

Keep It Clean

Here’s just one more of our simple changes that make your vehicle run better, and it may seem like an obvious one. Keep your vehicle clean, inside and out. Believe it or not, a clean car doesn’t just look better, it runs better. Removing surface dirt decreases wind resistance and reduces drag on the vehicle, thereby improving gas mileage. As mentioned above, cleaning tires helps them last longer and work better. Detailed cleaning of the car’s inner workings, including the engine bay, brakes, vents, battery terminals, and other parts can also help your car run better, but consider hiring a professional to do it.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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