The Best Clothes for Yoga

The Best Clothes for Yoga

The Best Clothes for Yoga

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The aim of yoga is for you to feel relaxed and stretched out. That seems simple enough but if you’re doing yoga in clothes that are too tight or don’t sit well then it can take you a world away from the relaxation that you were aiming to feel. We’ve taken the time to speak to some keen yogis and asked them what they would recommend to wear whilst doing yoga – We have compiled them all into this article with the hopes of helping someone like you out.

Leggings and a Loose Top

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Three of the best types of clothing for practising yoga are as follows: leggings or compression pants, a loose tank-top, and a light jacket.

Leggings or compression pants are ideal for yoga because they allow the mover to be flexible without any restrictions, while still keeping everything locked in place.

Loose fitting tank tops are great on top because they allow for better air circulation after and during a long session of stimulating and sweat-breaking work. A light jacket is best layered on top in preparation for any situation. Whether it be for cold rooms or running errands after the session.

Contributor: Rachel Ericson

Organisation: Denim Blog


High Waist Dragon Fit Leggings

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If you want to combine function and fashion during yoga sessions then you’ll definitely want to get some mesh leggings. In addition to offering the necessary comfort and practicality for moving around, they’re also perfectly chic and versatile. The Dragon Fit High Waist Leggings are the epitome of leisure wear and can even help take your yoga sessions to the next level.

Contributor: Samantha Morrison

Organisation: Glacier Wellness


Majamas Earth Sustainable Clothing

Majamas Earth New Forte Tank - ECO Friendly Women's Loose a-line Casual Basic Racerback Tank top - USA Made Black

The point of doing yoga is to improve our body and mind so why do so many
people practice it wearing clothing that isn’t sustainable and good for them
and the planet? Welcome to Majamas Earth, they make 100% ethically and USA made Athleisure that leaves a lower impact on the planet and is versatile enough to wear doing headstand or enjoying a cup of latte at the café next door.

Contributor: Germaine Caprio

Organisation: Majamas Earth


Flexi Lexi Yoga Leggings

Enjoy the ultimate yoga experience wearing these gorgeous pants from Flexi Lexi. The high-performance, market-leading fabric is soft, super stretchy, lightweight and quick-drying. Yogis will be pleased to learn that their new favourite pants are sustainably produced. Flexi Lexi is committed to paying workers a standard living wage as well as giving annual leave and bonuses.

Contributor: Sally Fox

Organisation: Azneo


CRZ Yoga Bra

CRZ YOGA Strappy Sports Bras for Women Padded Wirefree Support Cross Back Workout Yoga Bra Top Black-Logo M

This bra by CRZ Yoga is the best bra for yoga because of the extended underhand that provides an additional amount of coverage and support during your practice. Women with bigger bust sizes can feel confident that they will not experience any spilling out during their workout and can move freely as if they were wearing a full tank top.

Contributor: Kristine Thorndyke

Organisation: Test Prep Nerds


Colorfulkoala Leggings

28″ High Waisted Pattern Leggings - Cyan Leopard

These leggings by Colorfulkoala are the best because they feature the buttery-soft fabric as well as the double-seam between the thighs that allow for extra movement. Known for being similar to the Lulu Aligns, these leggings maintain a flattering appearance through their V-contouring on the butt as well as a seamless waist, making them an extremely functional and beautiful pair of leggings without the high price tag.

Contributor: Kristine Thorndyke

Organisation: Test Prep Nerds





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