The Best Crystals for Healing Injuries

The Best Crystals for Healing Injuries

The Best Crystals for Healing Injuries

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People are becoming more and more aware that there are alternative ways to heal yourself with and things that we can use to heal yourself with alongside traditional medicine. We decided to focus on crystals from a healing aspect and have put our findings into this article. This article features advice from people regarding which crystals are best for healing and how they work.

Malachite for Healing

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This tip comes from a certified crystal healer and Reiki practitioner.

Crystals are an amazing tool that can be used alongside conventional medical treatment to aid in and speed up the healing process. My favourite stone for healing physical ailments is malachite. Malachite originates from Egyptian copper mines in the Sinai and has been used for thousands of years as a stone of protection. It is probably best known for healing arthritis, possibly due to the particles of copper it contains which are absorbed into the wearer’s bloodstream. Furthermore, the copper carbonate hydroxide in malachite has been found to have an antibacterial effect. It’s also great for menstrual cramps and just recently, I bought my sister a big hunk of it to hold during labour as it is also known to ease the discomfort of contractions. Not to mention, the stone itself is absolutely mesmerizing!

To best use malachite for an injury, you can simply hold the stone in your hand, or secure it on or near the injury (you can literally do this with adhesives if needed). Wearing malachite jewellery (bracelets and necklaces especially) is a great way to absorb its healing energy on a regular basis.

As far as a link to purchase, I am much more of a fan of going to a local crystal or metaphysical store and getting to hold crystals before purchasing them. Then you know exactly what you’re getting and can form a bond with the crystal right then and there.

Contributor: Kayce Laine, Certified Crystal Healer


Amethyst for Healing

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This tip comes from an acupuncturist and an alternative medicine expert…

Amethyst is your go-to stone if you’re looking to speed up your healing process. Known as the Master Healer this stone has a high vibration which helps to reduce the pain and discomfort that accompanies your healing journey. Place the stone over the affected area or wear the stone around your neck to improve your overall healing energy.

Contributor: Jamie Bacharach

Organisation: Maple Holistics




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Written by Chloe Molineux

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