The Best Kayaking Destinations in the World

The Best Kayaking Destinations in the World

The Best Kayaking Destinations in the World

The time has come where families no longer want to bond over cocktails around a pool – The most popular and exciting family holiday now seems to be one of sightseeing all from the comfort of a kayak. A kayaking holiday gives you the opportunity to view beautiful coastlines and race down rivers – It truly is a holiday made for the adventurer. We have compiled this article with all of the best destinations for your kayaking holiday. This article is split between the best destinations in Europe and Globally; We don’t doubt that we’ve picked out something perfect for you.

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The Best Kayaking Destinations in Europe

Madeira, Portugal

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Sea kayaking on the warm and sunny island of Madeira (Portugal) is an exciting and fun way to see one of the most beautiful and dramatic coastlines in Europe – and enjoy the peace of nature. Follow an experienced guide to the marine nature reserve of Ponta de Sao Lourenco. The route follows the curves of the coast to show you its secrets and wondrous landscapes including bays and marine caves only accessible by boat. This trip will be a mix of exploring, snorkelling, bird watching and paddling with the guide pointing out interesting features of the landscape, flora and marine life as you pass.

Don’t miss out on the experience of this ocean adventure.

Contributor: Jayme H. Simões

Organisation: LOKOLOKO


The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Woman Wearing Floral Vest Ride on Boat

Experience the Dalmatian Coast, from the rolling lavender fields of Hvar to the monasteries of Korcula Island. Pure Adventures takes clients on a combination bicycle and kayaking tour through the Dalmatian Coast and surrounding islands. See where the Romans impacted this region in Split, then bike along Stari Grad Plain, a world heritage site. Ride through quaint towns, past fishermen’s villages, and kayak around the Korcula Archipelago. Finish in Dubrovnik – nicknamed the Pearl of the Adriatic – to round out the trip. With the vast amount of scenic road and gentle seas, this combined kayaking and bicycling vacation is the best way to spend a spring or summer vacation abroad.

Contributor: Chez

Organisation: Society of American Travel Writers


Scotland, UK

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Scotland has great kayaking, both inland on the Lochs (lakes) and rivers, as well as around the coast. It’s a beautiful country to explore on a kayaking trip, and many multi-day excursions also include adventures like hiking.

Contributor: Val Streif

Organisation: GetMyBoat


The Best Kayaking Destinations in the World

Prince William Sound, Alaska

Mountain Filled With Snow Near Calm Sea Under White Clouds and Blue Sky during Daytime

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the world but the glacial gulf is truly something else. Mind you, this immense beauty is no walk in the park. The journey through Prince William Sound has remarkable sights, including many waterfalls, fjords, glaciers, and more. Plus, there are plenty of guided kayaking tours, on-site cabins, and hiking to make it a truly memorable experience.

Contributor: Sam Maizlech

Organisation: Glacier Wellness


The Space Coast, Florida

Photo Of Person On Kayak

Florida Space Coast is the ultimate destination for kayaking and canoeing. This East Coast gem is filled with rare paddling experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Immerse yourself in nature’s magic. Take a see-through kayak over bioluminescent lagoons and watch the water sparkle with luminescent organisms. It’s like underwater fireworks. Paddle through the Brevard Zoo, home to more than 900 animals. It’s the only US zoo to offer guided kayak tours around the animal exhibits!

Contributor: Mary Eva

Organisation: The Butin Group



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