The Best Tips for Off-Roading in Deserts

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Deserts are scattered across the world, and each one is expansive, with varying terrain. People have off-roaded through the deserts for years, refining the traversal methods across this unique natural scene. To have the best off-roading experience during your time in the desert, you need to know some tips and tricks.

Keep Moving

One of the best tips for off-roading in deserts is to keep moving and only stop when necessary. The sand in the desert is constantly shifting, so driving on it is challenging. Accelerating on sand is tricky, since you can’t gain any traction to propel the vehicle forward, and braking power decreases because the tires don’t have anything to grip to stop.

Try not to make any hard turns on the sand, either. You most likely won’t turn as much as you need to, and you’ll create a trench in the sand in which you may get stuck. Subtle turns and shifts will help you get to your destination more easily.

Print Out Your Map

There’s a chance you won’t have any signal while you’re out in the desert, since most desert towns are on the desert’s borders. Without an active GPS, getting lost in the desert may be imminent. Printing out a map and marking your routes and landmarks beforehand will help you understand where to go if you get turned around.

Pack Plenty of Food and Water

The desert is hot and dry, especially during the spring and summer, so you’ll want to stay hydrated throughout the trip, especially if your vehicle gets stuck in the sand. Bringing water on a road trip into the desert is one of the best tips for off-roading in deserts, and foods such as granola bars and crackers are ideal, since they’re less likely to spoil or melt in the heat. Choosing the best roof rack for your endeavor will help you carry more supplies.

Drive Carefully on Sand Dunes

A lot of deserts have dunes and mounds that vary in size. It’s best to drive over these going straight up or down, not sideways or diagonal. The sand will quickly shift with the weight of the vehicle, so if the vehicle’s position is vertical, it will have less of a chance of flipping over.

A desert is a picturesque place of nature, but it has safety risks. However, it will become a minor obstacle in your off-roading experience if you follow these tips and stay prepared.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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