The Best Trails for an Electric Mountain Bike

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As electric bikes increase in popularity, many seek new ways to enjoy their bikes outside their neighborhood. Hitting the trails with your e-bike is not as simple as it sounds because these wheeled machines are technically motorized vehicles. Many trails throughout the country do not permit motorized vehicles as a safety precaution.

There is still a variety of e-bike-friendly locations scattered around, though. Here is a quick list of some of the best trails for an electric mountain bike!

Post Canyon, Oregon

Just outside Hood River sits Post Canyon. It’s home to some of Oregon’s best mountain biking trails. All trails are e-bike friendly and offer variety in travel with flowing downhill descents, jump lines, and cross-country single tracks.

The trails are well manicured, and most of the terrain runs through Hood River County Tree Farm. It’s best to check the trail status before arrival because muddy conditions can alter usability.

Hartman Rocks, Colorado

Hartman Rocks is a popular destination in Gunnison, Colorado. Many outdoor enthusiasts gather here for hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and dirt biking. They offer free camping and e-bike-friendly trails, and with the network of trails being rocky, it’s the perfect location to bring an electric mountain bike.

SkyPark at Santa’s Village, California

About 90 minutes from Los Angeles is SkyPark at Santa’s Village. There are roughly seven miles of trail with varying terrain levels from beginner to expert. The variation in levels makes SkyPark the ultimate playground for mountain e-bikers to test or practice their skills.

You will encounter well-manicured trails, various jump lines, wall rides, and drops. Don’t own an e-bike yet? No problem. There are bikes for borrowing available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the demo shop.

Bentonville, Arkansas

A key thing to know before your first electric mountain bike adventure is how to properly handle a bike. After you acclimate yourself to the powering and interface, you should consider taking it to Bentonville, Arkansas, for a treat. This is the newly claimed mountain-bike capital of the world.

There are countless miles of intentionally built trails for mountain bikes, and every single one is open for electric bikes. There are various activities, from flow tracks, skills parks, and cross-country loops to jump lines. This is a must-visit destination for all things e-bike friendly!

Mammoth Bike Park, California

With over 80 miles of trail to discover, Mammoth Bike Park is a staple in California. Every mile is e-bike friendly with various things to do, like gondola rides, chairlifts, or pedal passes for independent exploration. You may also rent an electric mountain bike at a nearby sports shop for the day.

Finding the best trails for an electric mountain bike is challenging due to the limited availability of places. The good news is each location offers a complete experience for you to immerse yourself in the culture and thoroughly enjoy your e-bike. After all, it was quite the investment!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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