The Difference Between a Bonfire and a Campfire

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Sitting around a fire with your friends is the ultimate way to bond. Some call them bonfires while others call them campfires, and there’s a good chance you’ve been to both. The difference between a bonfire and a campfire is more than the name. Find out which type of fires you’ve been enjoying.

Interchangeable Terms

In most cases, the difference between a bonfire and a campfire is colloquial. You might use the term bonfire for fires you have in your backyard, while campfires are fires you build for camping.

I Like Big Bonfires

And I cannot lie. One main difference between these two types of fires is their size. Traditionally, bonfires are the giant piles of wood you light on fire. You might stand or dance around it while watching it burn. It offers the perfect eco-friendly lighting for parties like outdoor BBQs, weddings, and graduation parties.

Campfires Aren’t Just for Camping

Though it’s called a campfire, you can build small fires when you’re not camping. Backyard pits are considered campfires. You can roast marshmallows with the flame, and it’s bright enough for you to see the people sitting across from you.

Making Fire

The process of building bonfires and campfires is similar. You want to create space between the logs and sticks so air can pass through to feed the fire. The simplest way is to create a log cabin or patchwork design with logs crossing back and forth. For bonfires, you can pile pieces of wood and scrap on top of each other as high as you want.

The difference between a bonfire and a campfire is the size of each. Bonfires are large enough to light up the night. They are ideal for parties and take quite a bit of time to set up. Campfires are simpler to arrange and are great for small get togethers and actual camping trips. Whatever you call it, remember to practice safety precautions. Keep buckets of water nearby when engaging with open flames.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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