Things To Consider Before Going Dispersed Camping

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For those with the survival experience capable of keeping them alive and well in the wilderness, dispersed camping is a popular hobby to partake in. Despite how fun escaping into the mountains and forests can be, it’s important to know these things before going dispersed camping on your own or with a group.

Bring an Ample Water Supply

Water is one of the most necessary supplies that people need to survive. Though it’s possible to find water supplies in the wild, this doesn’t always mean they are safe to consume. It’s good to bring more water than you believe you will need for the trip to help mitigate the risk to your and your group’s health. This helps prevent any unneeded exploration while making water collection one task you don’t need to worry about.

Have a Radio Prepared

In case of emergencies when you’re separated from the group, having a radio or device for communication is crucial. These help you coordinate your location with those you know and prevent you from getting lost while exploring your local area. Radios don’t always have a signal depending on how remote your spot is, but having any chance of contacting others is better than relying solely on your voice in times of crisis.

Be Ready To Look for Lost Members

Having the right gear for a search and rescue is essential in case someone goes missing in your group. Of course, getting in contact with properly trained authorities should be a top priority. However, organizing a party to find your friends is a good way to save time and cover a lot of ground. But don’t feel inclined to do so if you can’t properly navigate in foreign territory.

Dispersed camping is a more engrossing experience than typical campgrounds that keep you relatively close to civilization. Though exploring untraversed areas is fun, staying safe and educated is the key to coming back safely. By knowing these things to consider before going dispersed camping, you will have fewer worries in the end.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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