Tips for Fixing Your Tent at the Campsite

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Everything falls apart. The shiny new tent you bought last summer may not be in the same condition when you pull it out next season. It’s difficult to know what happens in that bag in the garage or shed. You think you put everything away right but your tent is filthy and covered in snags when you retrieve it again. Follow these tips for fixing your tent at the campsite for a better experience.

Holes and Tears

You likely won’t have a sewing kit handy to fix a tear in your tent, and using a needle and thread for a hole will cause the fabric to bunch up. It’s best to use a mesh repair kit or patch that you can tape to the tent. Use scissors to cut out the right size for the patch before applying.

Stuck Zippers

Most tents have non-separating zippers that allow you to get inside while keeping the tent secure. The difference between a non-separating zipper and a separating one is that separating zippers come apart and split into two pieces. Regardless of which kind is on your tent, you can remove debris and use wax or a graphite pencil to grease the teeth.


Sometimes, water can seep in through the seams in your tent. To help your tent last longer, use a seam sealer, which you’ll add along the edges.

Bent or Broken Poles

You may also run into broken poles. They can bend or break if your tent is crushed. The first step is to try and bend them back as best as possible. Next, slide the poles through the sleeve and use duct tape or another heavy-duty tape to keep them in place. If poles are broken where they connect, you’ll need to splint them together.

Use these expert tips for fixing your tent at the campsite, so you don’t have to cut the trip short. Don’t forget to test out your tent at home before going camping. You can avoid mistakes by keeping your equipment in good shape.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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