Weirdest Competitions You’ve Never Heard Of

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Many people are competitive to their cores. Furthermore, many individuals love competition, which is why sports are so popular. Yet it’s hard to believe some of the things for which there are contests. If you’re bored with watching the same old basketball games, here are some of the weirdest competitions you’ve never heard of.

Drone Racing

Technology-lovers might be thrilled to know that people compete in drone racing. The sport is becoming more popular as the technology itself grows in popularity. Participants are constantly seeking out the top racing drones to use, and the races can get pretty intense. Some fliers purposely crash into other people’s drones to get ahead in the race. The competitions take place all over the world, so research where the next event is if this seems interesting to you.


Did you know there was a world championship for joggling? Yes, you heard that right. Joggling is exactly how it sounds: a combination of running and juggling. As silly as it sounds, the sport takes major concentration and balance. Participants have to keep up both aspects of the sport if they want to qualify to win.

Toe Wrestling

Now, of the competitions mentioned, toe wrestling may be the weirdest competition you’ve never heard of. These competitions have been around since the 1970s, and people take them seriously. The whole point is to get the competitors’ toes down for a few seconds so that you can be declared the winner. This isn’t just strange—the contest may be a little unhygienic, too.

Summer is baseball season, but unless you’re a superfan, you can only watch so many games a month. For this reason, think about branching out to more unusual competitions for a change of pace. Who knows; you might be inspired to give something a try.

Weirdest Competitions You’ve Never Heard Of

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Written by Henry Johnson

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