What Items You Should Never Leave in Your Car

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People who’re constantly on the go may feel like they must carry their entire lives in their cars. But there are certain items you should leave out. This list of items you should never leave in your car will explore what people mistakenly keep in their vehicles and why you should avoid making these blunders.

Prescription Medications

People who take prescription medications need to know how best to store these very valuable items. Leaving them in the car, especially in the glove compartment, could expose them to extreme heat or cold. Medications that need room temperature conditions to remain effective obviously have no place in those settings. Keep them in the medicine cabinet or on your person.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks should not be left in your vehicle. If perishables are left in a hot car, they could spread bacteria. Food and drinks already can be a hazard to the exterior appearance of your car. Leftovers inside the vehicle go beyond tarnishing your appearance; they could affect the health of the people within. Be responsible and always dispose of your food waste.

Important Documents

There are some important documents that should be left in your car. Documents relevant to your vehicle, like its registration, are useful to have on hand. But other valuable documents, like bank statements or tax forms, should be kept at home, where they can be well protected from identity theft.


Cellphones deserve to be on this list of what items you should never leave in your car because thieves may try to break into the vehicle if the device is left visible on the seat. Furthermore, very cold temperatures can harm cellphones, especially smartphones. Their batteries drain much more quickly when it is cold outside.


While it is important to apply sunscreen often to protect your skin from the sun, it is not a good idea to leave it in your hot car. Sunscreen’s effectiveness diminishes from exposure to heat.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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